Highly Refined, Recycled CRT Glass

Funnel cullet

Panel cullet

Our wet-processed cullets are impurities-free and more cost efficient for glass manufacturers
to use, as they can be blended with virgin material at a higher ratio than dry-processed cullets.

What is a Wet-processing System?

The coatings shown on the left are completely removed from the glass with chemical solutions.

With multiple applications of chemical solutions and water, impurities - mainly the coatings
containing carbon, aluminum, and iron oxide - are removed from the original CRT so systematically
that the wet-processed cullets can be almost as pure as vergin material, exceeding the
Quality Standards designated by AEHA(Association for Electric Home Appliances) in Japan.

Environmentally Friendly

CRTs contain a high concentration of lead, making it essential to recycle them in an environmentally
responsible manner. The wastewater purifying plant adopted by our affiliated factory in Kyoto - specifically
designed for separating lead from the wastewater - enables a thorough lead emission control, the best
water purifying system available in Japan for CRT recycling.

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