Magical Painter Sheet is an extremely soft, elastic film coated with
    MazioraTM - an expensive iridescent paint used on the colorful bodies of
    race cars. Unlike conventional decorative films, Magical Painter Sheet
    can be easily applied to curved or uneven surfaces without application
    of heat.  (MazioraTM is a trademark of Japan Paint Co., Ltd.)

Using a specially formulated adhesive, the film can be detached from
    and reattached to the object while leaving no sticky residue when

Magical Painter Sheet shows exquisite changes of colour when seen from different angles and through different angles of light hitting it.

  Structure and Principles

The paint membrane is 1-micron thick, consisting of 5 layers(each of which
   has an extremely flat surface).

When light hits the paint membrane, half of the incident light is reflected from
    the upper surface and the other half from the "opaque reflector metal" layered
    within, causing them to interfere with each other.

The above process produces a specific wavelength of light that determines
    the visible color of the paint.

As the incident angle of light changes, so does the visible color of the paint; 
    hence appear the dynamic color shifts of Magical Painter Sheet.

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