NSIXTM Silicon Case for PSP

1) Secure Invisible Closure protects the PSP perfectly. 2) Ergonomic Design enables easy access to the UMD disk.
3) Organic Anti-dust Technology prevents dust while protecting the PSP from shocks and vibrations. 4) Screen Protection Film not only protects the PSP screen from dust, stains and scratches, but also significantly reduces reflections on the screen.

Using organic silicon rubber processed with the latest precision technology, NSIX OA PSP Silicon Case fits the PSP perfectly, can highly effectively protect the delicate device from impacts, and enables
easy access to the UMD disk, the headphone jack or the
 charging port while its being used.


Material: Patented Organic Silicon Rubber


Colors: White, Black, Blue


 Screen Protection Film:

     NSIX OA PSP Silicon Case comes with a high-tech screen protection      film which is self-adhesive and washable.  The film is designed not      only to protect a sleek screen from scratches, dust or fingerprints,      but to reduce reflection of ambient light thereon, making outdoor      use of PSP easier.

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