Chemical PC Cooler (Size: A4 & B5)

Ā°Utilizes the effects of Latent Heat of Melting - the energy required to transform a solid into a liquid - by
using  special inorganic crystal material inside)
Ā° Prevents malfunctions of notebook PCs caused by accumulated heat inside
Ā°Absorbs accumulated heat  40 times as effectively as conventional products
Āú Materials/ContentsĀF Na24ĀE10HO
Metal plate: iron
Bag: polyethylene, nylon, EVA

   Performance Comparison

There is a significant difference in temperature after 5 hours of use between the the PC with Chemical PC Cooler(right) and the PC without(left).
Recommended for PCs with:
No cooling fan
Upgraded hard-desk memory
Softwares using a lot of CPU resources
How to Use:
ĀúPut under the notebook PC
ĀúLeave at room temperature if the cooling power weakens
ĀúStore in the refrigerator for 30 minutes if needed to cool it down faster

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